Every year, I like to take Truett out to eat somewhere on a date and ask him about his favorite things. It always amazes me how much he changes ever year, the funny things he says, and it’s simply one of my favorite yearly dates. Love you, Tru.

What’s your favorite color? all the colors in the world

Favorite snack? cereal bars

Favorite toy? train crossing bar toy

Favorite lunch? hamburgers

Favorite outfit? basketball outfit

Favorite game to play? monopoly

Favorite animal? wolves

Favorite song? Awakens Me

Favorite book? my Jingle book

Who’s your best friend? Mom and Daphne

What’s your favorite thing to do outside? Play on the trampoline

Favorite drink? Chocolate Milk

Favorite Holiday? 4th of July

What do you take to bed every night? Jingle and all my pets, because I love them so much.

What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a Police Officer with car #5.

How did God make you special? He made me helpful, and I’m good at football.

What are you most proud of? You mom, because you do nice things to people.

What is your favorite thing to pray about? God

What was your favorite part of today? Church

How do you know that I love you? Because you do sweet things to me. You play games with me and help me.