God performs miracles every single day. Have you ever witnessed one? Well I experienced one last Thursday, February 25th at about 12:30pm in the afternoon.

I pulled up to a store to park, but since it was lunchtime there weren’t any close spots, so I took one pretty far out and began to walk through the parking lot. This guy, about 35 years old, a clean cut nice looking man was walking in the other direction holding a to-go container of lunch and a drink cup. I noticed him look at me, but it was a friendly look, and it made me wonder if I knew him perhaps. I didn’t think anything of it, and smiled and kept walking.

Just as soon as he passed me, I heard him say, “Excuse me, ma’am.” I though, Oh no, I knew it, he is going to ask me for money. I wonder what he needs? I paused and turned around to walk back toward him and we met in the middle of the parking lot a few steps away.

He said, “Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m from Jesus Christ our Lord’s Community Church here in town, and I was just wondering if you would let me pray for you? I feel like God wants to heal your body from pain. Yesterday a lady I know had a bad hip that was healed completely through prayer. Do you by chance have any pain in your knees or your lower right back, and could I pray for you?”

Amazed, I said, “Well actually, I have been going to physical therapy this month for my knees, because I hurt them quite a bit working out, and apparently they don’t like it. They have given me quite a bit of trouble lately. Thank you, I would love very much for you to pray for me.”

His eyes lit up and he said, “Awesome. Do you mind if I put my hand on your shoulder? And what is your name?” I said that was fine and that my name was Michelle, and he lightly rested his right hand on my left shoulder as we stood there in the parking lot.

He prayed something like, “Father God, today I pray for Michelle and the pain in her body. I pray you would remove it completely! Take away the pain in her knees, that they would be strong and whole. I pray for her lower right back pain, for it to vanish. I pray that you would completely touch and take away pain in her head, her spine, and her feet and ankles. I pray that you would heal her body that it would be strong for you, and that you would do this for her in your powerful name.”

It was a short prayer, but a mighty one, because what he didn’t know, was all that he has just prayed for without knowing it! I said, “Thank you so much. You have no idea what you just prayed for. I have M.S. and that’s what the head and spine were, and I have had back pain too. That’s absolutely amazing. You were such a blessing to me today. Thank you so much!”

We high-fived, I asked what his name was, and he went on his way. And there I was standing in shock at the 2 minute interaction that had just taken place in the middle of a parking lot on a random crazy Thursday. I didn’t know whether I had just encountered an angel named Ryan, a person who just hears the voice of the Lord really clearly and obeys (which is miraculous in itself), if I had just been completely healed, or if God just wanted to send someone to pray for me to bring me hope. What just happened? Any way you slice it, it was a miracle.

I am surprise that tears didn’t start running down my face immediately in huge buckets. I teared up walking into the store, because of the lavish love that God just sent to me. How can we even comprehend how great our Savior is? To interrupt us and remind us of his power like that. Did he just heal me in the middle of a parking lot on a normal Thursday out of the blue?

I had been having knee trouble from working out, like I said, and it was improving before this innocent but still caused me lots of pain when I did certain exercises. Since that Thursday, there has been absolutely no pain in my knees. As in,  AT ALL. My feet and ankles that he also prayed for, I believe, were related to my knee pain, because my physical therapist often reminded me that knee pain stems from foot and ankle problems. Also, my lower right back had been hurting the week before Ryan prayed for me, which I didn’t tell him about. I had gone to the Chiropractor some, but it was pretty severe and was really bad that week. After he prayed for me, my back was immediately healed on the spot. Nothing! There was no longer pain that day, and there has since been no pain whatsoever in my lower back. Some people may think I’m exaggerating, but I assure you that I could not make this stuff up! It was a serious miracle. So that brings us to the prayer for my head and spine.

When he prayed for my head and spine, I got chills, and immediately thought of my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. It’s a life-long disease for which there is no cure (or so they say), and the biggest issues are in the brain, where “white spots” can appear, and cause trouble with a person’s nervous system. It also affects a lot of things in the back, related to the nervous system as well. So when it attacks, it’s often beginning in your head and spine, and works out from there. My back was healed, my knees were healed, and it leave me with NO choice, but to believe my M.S. was healed on Thursday, February 25th in the parking lot of Edmond, Oklahoma at 12:30pm. I have no choice but to believe it! I don’t need evidence to 100% trust that God our Savior just healed my body of M.S. completely. It is no more, and I don’t need a test to prove it. It’s gone, and I am whole again, because Jesus chose to give me that gift of miraculous healing. Why me? A lot of people pray for healing, and never see it. Others pray, and are healed. Maybe God chose me to be healed just so I could share it with you today. Are you that special that he wants to reach down and give you hope right now for your situation?

You sure are, and he wants you to know daughter or brother, that he is with you, that his power is enough, and that through anything you are facing, there is always one more day to hope and ask, and to keep believing that God, our mighty Savior Jesus Christ, can do absolutely anything he pleases. He sees you and knows your pain, and he cares deeply for your struggles. He is working a plan behind the scenes to bring good out of everything you have endured or have yet to face, and he will work it all for good, I can promise you that.

I believe he wants to do miracles through us all, and it’s up to us to stop and take notice of them. I only know this about miracles–they are usually not in our own timing, but His, like random Thursdays at lunchtime in a busy parking lot with a prayer from a complete stranger.

Praise God for my healing! It is absolutely miraculous. I know that my doctors will see this at my next appointment. They will, and they will have no choice but to be amazed and agree with me that a miracle somehow, some way, took place. And when they ask, I’ll tell them that Jesus Christ healed my body, and his name will be made great and move even further throughout the earth! I believe!