When I was a kid, I remember waking up at 5am on Christmas morning, running downstairs to see what Santa brought me with all of my cousins. We would tiptoe down the stairs so we didn’t wake the adults, and then a step would creek and we would ultimately shriek with delight that they’d hear us (and of course they would) and they’d all walk out rubbing their eyes and tell us to go back to bed until 7am. And we would walk up to our rooms giggling, laying there with our eyes wide open, talking about what we thought Santa brought us.

We had a big family, so truthfully the whole living room was full of gifts, and it took all morning to open every gift. As an adult, part of the magic has faded, and at first it seemed sad that adults don’t enjoy the anticipation of Christmas like kids do, but then I think about the things I know now that I never knew as a kid, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything at all! Although I understood as a kid that it was a holiday all about Jesus, and celebrating his birth, I was most excited about the presents. As an adult, I understand that it’s a holiday all about Jesus, and celebrating his birth, and I’m most excited about Jesus being born in the first place! I think we all have child-like wonder, it just comes in different forms as we get older.

Each season should be enjoyed, just like each chocolate chip cookie. 🙂 Some are enjoyed cool with cold milk, while others come right out of the hot oven. Either way, I thank God for Christmas, and the opportunity to share this little season of joyful rejoicing every year!